4 Skip Book is an international platform on which a reservation program operates, which allows users to book and book appointments online.

It was developed for the convenience of users of various services who do not want to waste time calling and ordering an appointment by phone. It often happens that the telephone line of the service provider is busy when we want to book an appointment.

Sometimes during the working hours of the service provider, due to our obligations, we fail to call for an appointment and it would be easier to do it online in the evening or on the weekend from the comfort of your couch ... if that were of course possible!

Another aspect is the significant time savings for staff accepting appointment bookings. Online ordering does not lead to errors and duplication of dates.

Phones do not ring during the service and do not disturb the comfort of customers and the concentration of staff who can be more dedicated to their customers and raise the quality of their services. In short, it is a matter of great optimization of work processes and a detailed overview of appointment reservations.

In 2023, we will expand our offer across European countries. In the coming years, we plan our presence with an offer on all continents and become the largest provider of such services in the world.

We look forward to your support and look forward to success with you!


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