Terms and conditions


Terms and Conditions of Use of the 4skipbook.com reservation program

Article 1.


Concepts definition


The General Terms and Conditions of Digital Business (hereinafter: the General Terms and Conditions) determine the conditions of use of the reservation program, (hereinafter: 4skip book). The owner and administrator and its employees (hereinafter: the Administrator) of the 4skip book web portal is the company 4skip d.o.o., which manages content and provides information services.

The user of the web portal is anyone who visits any page of the web portal 4skip. Users can be legal or natural persons. It enables legal entities (hereinafter: Points of sale) to enter and publish their services in the online reservation program. It enables natural persons (hereinafter: Customers) to view the offer of these services and to book appointments or order services online, and later also online payment for these services.


Article 2.


Point of Sale Registration

The service is open to legal entities and sole proprietors performing a specific service activity. The reservation program was originally intended to optimize operations and raise the quality of the user experience.

A point of sale that wants to take advantage of all the functionalities of 4skip book and create and publish its own offer of services on it, must first register on the portal: 4skipbook.com or contact the Administrator via e-mail: info@4skip.com

Points of sale can be included in the 4skip book service itself in 3 ways:

  • The first way of inclusion: The point of sale must fill in all the required fields of the questionnaire on the 4skipbook.com portal with real data and get acquainted with and agree with the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. Acquaintance and confirmation of the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy is a condition for participation in the 4skip book service. Pretending to be another person is a crime. Each user can have only one username linked to a valid and working email address. 4skip book informs the user about the registration via e-mail.
  • Second way of inclusion: The point of sale directly contacts the Administrator at the e-mail address: info@4skip.com
  • Third way of inclusion: Invitation of the Administrator or his associates


Based on the submission of the registration, received e-mail or confirmation of the invitation, the Administrator registers the Point of Sale or activates an already created account. The Administrator and his employees have the right to verify the data from the completed registration by telephone and compare them with the official data from the Business Register of the Republic of Slovenia. The Point of sale then receives an e-mail containing the information for logging in to the administration panel of the 4skip book portal and a link to the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. Once the Point of Sale approves the General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, it activates its account / profile and consequently participates in the 4skip book. After activating the Point of Sale profile, it has the option to create its own offer of services in the reservation program that it offers to its customers. In its profile, it also determines the number of providers of certain services and the working hours of individual providers.

Based on the participation of the Point of Sale in 4skip book, the Administrator publishes the profile of the Point of Sale on the 4skip book website where its offer of services is located. The Customer accesses the use of the reservation program of an individual Point of sale by scanning the QR code obtained physically at the Point of sale or on the basis of printed and online advertisements containing QR codes with a smartphone. When the offer of services in the Reservation program is displayed on the screen, he can use it… Access is also possible directly on the websites where the 4skip book services operate.


Costs of access to the Service and other costs

Activation of the Point of Sale profile on the 4skipbook.com website and thus the Point of sale access to 4skip book and enabling online booking services is payable according to the current price list published on the 4skip book website.

The administrator reserves the right to change the price lists, or these General Terms and Conditions, or to publish new General Terms and Conditions related to the operation of 4skip book, with which the Point of Sale, by accessing 4skip book, expressly agrees.

Notwithstanding the provisions of this article, the Point of sale by participating in the 4skip book itself covers the cost of access to the Internet and the cost of data transfer from the Internet.



Article 3.


Acceptance of general conditions

The user undertakes not to use 4skip book for illegal purposes or purposes that could harm 4skip book or the Administrator of this portal. It is also not allowed to disable or hinder the use of 4skip book by other users. By publishing user content, the user agrees to its display on the portal and the associated promotional use of this content.

The user agrees to notify the Administrator of the portal of any irregularities in the publication of user content, thus enabling them to be corrected immediately. The Points of sale undertake to keep their price lists, dates and offer of services real and regularly updated. The User is obliged to use the 4skip book in accordance with the applicable regulations and in accordance with the general conditions. The user may use the 4skip book only in his own name and for his own account.

The user expressly agrees to use the 4skip book or any digital content related to the 4skip book solely at his own risk. The content and functionality of the 4skip book are provided to the user "as is" and without any other warranty. The user expressly undertakes not to act unlawfully or endanger the information security of 4skip book when using 4skip book, not to misrepresent himself, to transfer illegal content, infringe intellectual property rights, unauthorized collection of personal data, download malicious software, unauthorized modification of content , caused disruptions in communications in any direction or unnecessarily burdened the 4skip book, attempted to misrepresent and the like and not to induce a third party to do so.

The Point of sale declares that it is the owner of the moral copyright of the content on the entered price list of its service offer. The user undertakes to take special care of his personal password or data for access to the 4skip book and will not make them available for use or access to third parties and is fully responsible for any damage caused either directly or indirectly because unauthorized third parties used his access to the 4skip book.

The user also undertakes to ensure the highest possible level of security measures and reduce the risks of unauthorized access or compromise of data or operation of 4skip book, taking into account the user instructions of hardware and software manufacturers, 4skip book instructions and warnings and other professional rules, warnings, instructions and recommendations. book and immediately notify the Administrator of any potential security risks or incidents related to the use of 4skip book.

The user may, in its sole discretion and in accordance with the user instructions and after payment of all contractual obligations, terminate the use of 4skip book and thus the contractual relationship with 4skip book, created by agreeing to these general terms and conditions and request deletion of username and other data stored for access to this data. The contractual relationship is considered terminated when the administrator deletes the username and deletes other data from the 4skip book system.

The user expressly allows the administrator of the 4skip book service to send him messages about his own services, the services of other persons, in the sense of business cooperation, from time to time, free of charge for the purpose of direct marketing. The user may at any time request in writing that 4skip book and the administrator permanently or temporarily stop using his personal data to send messages. To unsubscribe from receiving these messages, you must send a written request to the e-mail address: info@4skip.com.

The user is obliged to take care of the security of his username and password and does not trust it to third parties, except in the case of mutual trust. The password must be changed from time to time. The Administrator and his employees are not responsible for cases of misuse of the username and password, but they will take appropriate action immediately after notifying the verified user of the misuse. The user of the services agrees that in the event that the user password has been misused, offers or inquiries and other declarations of intent under the name of this user are not considered declarations of intent and thus do not cause legal effects.

Content published on the 4skip book may be reviewed and reproduced for its own purposes, but may not be altered, transcribed, republished or distributed for either commercial or non-commercial purposes. In the event that the use of 4skip book content by the administrator is permitted in writing, all copyright and industrial property rights and other notices and warnings must be retained.

Program search on the 4skip book portal is prohibited. It is forbidden to use automatic queries or other robots and crawlers that automatically retrieve data from the 4skip book or otherwise automatically interfere with the portal or communicate with the 4skip book. The ban on attribute search and the ban on the use of robots and crawlers does not apply to universal search engines. General search engines are search engines that search for and publish links to all websites from a given by geographical area and are not limited by content, industry, file types and specialized search engines. Every robot or crawler must also follow the rules of the standard for robots or crawlers. For each commercial use of 4skip book it is necessary to make a preliminary agreement with the administrator of 4skip book.



Article 4.

Changing the general conditions

The Administrator of the 4skip book portal reserves the right to change or amend the rules and general conditions under which it can be used at any time, without prior notice.

Any change becomes valid from the moment it is published on the 4skip book and the continued use of the 4skip book after the change or amendment of these rules means that the user agrees with the said changes or additions.

Acceptance of these rules is a condition for using the portal.

It is the user's responsibility to keep up to date with the General Terms and Conditions and to become acquainted with them each time he uses the 4skip book service on all websites required for the operation of this service.

Any change to the General Terms and Conditions will change the date at the bottom of this document.



Article 5.

The Administrator will use its best endeavors to ensure that all services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but does not guarantee that the portal will operate without interruption, without problems, without errors or mistakes, as well as does not guarantee for the successful use of 4skip book.

Nevertheless, the 4skip book service is available as is and without any warranty of performance.



Article 6.



The content of the 4skip book portal is the property of the Administrator, except for the content of the price lists of services that are owned by the Point of Sale and therefore copyrighted by applicable laws. The content also includes individual properties, as well as databases. Protection covers in particular data, software and HTML, PHP. Any copying and publishing of this content on other websites or portals is prohibited, except with the written permission of the portal administrator.


Article 7.

Limitation of liability

Administrator 4skip book:

  • is not responsible for any damage resulting from possible technical problems of the portal or other disturbances
  • assumes no responsibility for the content, accessibility, operation and integrity of the 4skip book
  • assumes no responsibility for any possible damage caused to the user due to inactivity, use of 4skip book, loss of data or any other reasons related to the operation and availability of the service
  • assumes no responsibility for the loss of user content resulting from incorrect use or inadequacy of the computer or ignorance and incompetence of the user
  • cannot ensure the operation of the service in the event of interruption of the Internet network, power outage or other technical disturbances that could currently disrupt the operation of 4skip book
  • reserves the right to terminate the provision of 4skip book at any time, for any reason and for any period, without prior notice, if it deems it necessary or if urgent maintenance work is being performed on the server
  • is not responsible for user content published on the 4skip book. User content is the property of the users and they are responsible for it
  • is not responsible for the truthfulness, correctness and timeliness of the data published by the user and does not assume responsibility for the actions performed by the user on the basis of published data
  • does not bear any responsibility in case of a dispute between users of the 4skip book portal
  • may, in its sole discretion, terminate or temporarily deny access and use to an individual user of 4skip book, in violation of these general terms and conditions or applicable regulations or any other conduct deemed illegal or harmful to third parties or for the operation of 4skip book. In case of cancellation, the user will be prevented from using 4skip book, and the Administrator will use all necessary means or measures to implement this cancellation and all legal remedies against such user
  • reserves the right to change the functionality of the site and the user experience, which may lead to a shift in the price list of services or how users find it

The limitation of liability in the General Terms and Conditions applies provided that it is in accordance with applicable law. In the event of non-compliance, such limitation of liability shall apply to the extent permitted by applicable law.

The user of the 4skip book service explicitly allows the administrator to collect and process the data necessary for this purpose in order to ensure the operation of 4skip book, namely:

- user data entered or allowed to be entered in the 4skip book

- data on the user's IP address, data on the entered contents, on the time of using the service

By viewing the price list of services and the customer's confirmation of the date in the reservation program of the Point of Sale, which submitted the ad, a relationship is established between users. All possible disputes from this relationship (as due to the truth of the data on the Point of Sale, the content of the offer, the subject and price of the offer, the dates, etc.) are resolved exclusively between users.

To the extent permitted by law, any liability of the Administrator or his staff is excluded. In no event shall the Administrator and his staff be responsible for any loss or impairment of access to data that may occur during the transmission of data on the Internet or any other incidental, consequential, special or consequential damages arising out of or inability to use 4skip book, including and no restrictions on lost revenue or expected profit, loss of goodwill, loss of business, loss of data, technical error or malfunction or other loss event.

On the 4skip book, some web links also lead to other web pages that are not managed by the Administrator and do not check their content. The Administrator assumes no responsibility for respecting the privacy and content of these sites.

In the event that the content is in conflict with the General Terms of Use or applicable law, anyone can notify the Administrator by e-mail: info@4skip.com. The Administrator will take appropriate action to remove the inappropriate content after reviewing the notice.


Article 8.


To use the 4skip book portal running on the 4skipbook.com domain, the user must agree to the General Terms of Use. Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions is a condition for the use of the portal.

By agreeing to the Point of Sale on these General Terms and Conditions, a contractual relationship is created between the Administrator and the Point of Sale.

It is the responsibility of the Point of Sale to keep abreast of the General Terms and Conditions. The user of the portal confirms that he is acquainted with the General Terms and Conditions and that he agrees with them. Each user of the portal accepts these rules and expressly waives the right to recover any compensation from the administrator of the 4skip book portal arising from the above relationship. The right to use 4skip book cannot be transferred to another natural or legal person in any way and is a personal right.


Right to withdraw from the Service

The point of sale may withdraw from the 4skip book service by:

- send your request to withdraw from the service via e-mail info@4skip.com,

- request the deactivation of his profile on the website 4skipbook.com, while all data remains stored in the form as specified in order to allow the Point of Sale to reactivate your profile,

- requests the deletion of the profile on the 4skip book website, which deletes all the data of the Point of Sale on this website.

From the moment of deactivation or deletion of the Point of Sale profile, the 4skip book service is no longer possible. In this case, the QR code, which was used to access the reservation program of the Point of sale, will not be activated, despite scanning with the camera of the customer's smartphone.



Article 9.


The administrator of 4skip book does not own the services listed in the price list of services, so he cannot be responsible for any errors, damage or other problems that may arise when booking appointments. Any problems, damages or errors related to the offer of services or the quality of performance determined by the Point of Sale are the sole responsibility of the Point of Sale, as the owner and provider of these services.

The Point of sale is responsible for the quality of services provided; 4skip book only publishes the offer of Point of sale services, which is intended for customers who use 4skip book services.

If you do not get all the information about the current offer from us, please contact the Sales Point, which will be able to advise you in more detail about its offer of services and prices.

Complaints must be resolved in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Obligations and the Consumer Protection Act.

All possible complaints are resolved by the costumer and the Point of sale within the complaint period, which is for the provider-user of the service or product eight (8) days from the written complaint submitted by the complainant. Within this period, the Point of Sale is obliged to provide the complainant with a written or oral response to the submitted complaint.



Article 10.

 Customer support

The administrator of the portal provides all users with professional and technical assistance in using the portal, during the working hours of the administrator published on this portal. If the user has a question or problem regarding the use of the portal, he can send his request to the e-mail address: info@4skip.com


Article 11.


Final Provisions

By accessing the 4skip book service, the Point of Sale accepts the stated General Terms and Conditions. In the event of any dispute or ambiguity regarding the mutual rights and obligations of the Administrator and the Point of Sale and any third parties, these General Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

The Administrator of the portal will try to resolve all possible disputes in a peaceful way. The district court in the place determined by the Administrator is competent for resolving disputes for which all other out-of-court possibilities are exhausted.

The interpretation of individual articles of the General Terms and Conditions is the sole responsibility of the commission, which appoints and authorizes the legal service or external legal expert of the Administrator for individual opinions and other legal tasks. Any errors in the implementation of the 4skip book service will be resolved by the commission in a timely manner and in accordance with good business practice.


Entry into force

These general terms and conditions are valid from 30.3.2022 onwards.


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